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                                                                                                 DATA PRIVACY NOTICE 

1. Data Privacy

   The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) puts in place certain safeguards regarding the use of personal data by organisations, including the Department of Education (DFE), local authorities and schools. The Act gives rights to those (known as data subjects) about whom data is held, such as pupils, their parents and teachers. This includes;

     The right to know the types of data being held

     Why it is being held, and

     To whom it may be communicated. 


 Privacy Notice - Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulations 2018

Our setting is a data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act and GDPR. We collect personal informaion from yu and process it for the following purposes;

       Support your child's teaching and learning

      Monitor and report on your child's progress

     Provide appropriate pastoral care, and 

     Engage with other professionals when required (sharing information permission will be sought unless Safeguarding Concerns).

     To access and administer the government education grant for two , three and four year olds along with accessing pupil premium and the extended 30 hours entitlement and for use by the department for education.

We will not give information about you to anyone outside the setting without your consent unless the law allows us to.

Our legal basis for processing your personal data is                       legal obligation, Consent, Legitimate Interests

Data Retention

We store your personal data for varying amounts of time depending on the legal requirements and those requirements placed upon us by the local authority and the department of Education (DFE) and our own internal requirements. We do not store any personal data for longer periods than strictly necessary. You may ask to see our specific written retention schedule by contacting the manager/owner of the setting. 

Here at St. Mary's Pre-School Ltd, we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal informaiton to administer your account and to ensure the learning process, pastoral care and safeguarding of the children in our care is adhered to.

We will regularly contact you via phone, email and through our FAMLY app to provide pre-school updates, share relevant news, correspond and contact you in case of an emergency.  

We are required by law to pass some information about you to the Local Authority and the Department for Education (DFE). If you want to see a copy of the information about your child that we hold and or share please contact us using a subject request form.

We use an app called FAMLY to store personal information, record children's progress and liaise with our families. This app is on IPADS in our setting. Each IPAD is password protected and each staff member has their own password to gain access to FAMLY. IPADS are occasionally taken home and the owner uses her computer in her home office to complete work, access FAMLY and produce documents in line with running and Early Years Establishment. The setting is registered with the Information Commissioners Office ( ICO), this is renewed annually.  

Documents are all kept in locked cases in the owners office. The laptop is password protected, in addition to this many private files are encrypted and can not be opened without further security. 

If you have any complaints about this privacy notice or any matter pertaining to the protection of personal information processed by St. Mary's Pre-School, you may submit a complaint to the information commissions office at the following link.



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