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Parent Reviews from Parents of children who attended academic year 2024 

Before your child starts preschool, you will be invited in for a visit, you can come on your own, with a family member and with your child, you can come at any time, but the best times are any day between 09:45-11:00 for the preschool room and  either Monday am,  Tuesday , Wednesday or Thursday between 10:00-11:00 if you wish to see the 2 year room. 

During your visit, you will be given a tour and offered an information pack to read through, if you like what you see, we will take your child's details and place them on our waiting list.  During the term before your child is due to start we will contact you and offer you some stay and play sessions, these sessions are beneficial for children and parents, you can sit and watch your child play, whilst the setting is operating, you will met the staff and peers your child will be spending time with. Your child will get an opportunity to play and meet the staff and children whilst knowing their parent is close by, this can help with transition of your child starting, which is often harder for parents than for the children. There is no limits on how many stay and play sessions you attend, the only factor that exists, is that your child is your responsibility during these sessions and you can not leave your child until they are registered and attending. 

We have no fixed settling in period, this is different for each child, some children wave their parents of before they are in the door and others need the security of knowing their parents are close by for a period of time, what ever your child needs, we will work with.


Once your child is settled, you are able to visit when you want. We have an open door policy, you are welcome in to preschool when you want, if you want to talk to your child key worker, you can do this at the beginning or end of any session or if you would like a moral formal meeting, these can be arranged on Friday's or at a mutual agreeable time.


We have a family book , where  children have photographs of their family, the children spend lots of time looking at the family book, so please provide a family photograph for your child to put in the book when your child starts with us.   Please click on the word document for more details about the Pre-School. 


                                                                                     Prospectus                  Welcome Letter                       Frequently asked                     All about me

Family photo book                                                                                                                                                 questions


We offer as many extra curriculum activities as we can. 

We take the children out to visit the local area, they purchase our snack from the local greengrocer, we visit local parks, shops and nature trails as well as the shops and the library. We have taken local bus trips around our local community.

Some parents come in and share experiences with our children , such as 'Chinese cooking/Indian cooking, musical talents, occupation talks, show and tells, language experiences'. Our child have also had visits from the local fire service, Ambulance Service, Nurses, Musicians, builder's and the police, where they experienced sitting in police car, setting of the siren, had their finger prints taken and been locked in a riot van! We were lucky in the past and have watched a police dog give a show and some local builders taught the children to build walls. We welcome anyone in who would like to offer the children a new experience, these visits are always popular and make a positive impact. Please let us know if you would be able to offer a unique experience for our children to partake in.

In addition to this, our children some times shop for snack at the market stall, visit the neighbouring school to watch the children's performances, attending local gym club, and visit the local heritage centre. We have watched chicks hatch and met creatures from the zoo lab, engaged in jazzy jamboree a local music group and Diddi dance a local dance group.

Every year we have an annual trip with all children and their family members invited, it is a great social event and gives everybody an opportunity of meeting new people. All children are their parents responsibility during this trip, however staff are on hand to help out and enjoy the day.  Every year a local photographer comes in to the setting to offer family portrait sessions.

We have arranged charity coffee and cake shops, where the children invite their family members to share a cake and a drink. There will be an event held in the summer by some of the children from a local secondary school who are raising money to go to abroad to work with children in disadvantaged country. If you are interested in hosting a coffee cake event please speak to staff to arrange a suitable date , this can be for charity or for meet and get to know people session.


Our face book page is updated weekly with activities the children are being offered each week. 


Once your child is registered with us, your child's learning and development will be documented on their own personal learning journal called tapestry, photographs, videos and narratives of what your child is doing will be regularly uploaded and you can comment on what your child is doing at school and you can put your own photographs, videos and narratives of what your child is doing and learning at home for us to share and work together in supporting your child with their learning and development. 


If you would like to come and see us, please give us a ring on 07779570239 or 01454 323019 alternatively send us an email at to arrange a visit. 


We support several charities each year, which have included NSPCC, SANDS, The brain Tumour Society, Comic Relief, Sports Relief, and UNICEF.   



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