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Our Staff

The pre-school is co-owned by husband and wife Terry and Rachel Moore. Rachel manages the preschool with a team of 8 educator's . We also have students who attend the setting as part as their University/College/School work experiences throughout the year.


All employees are DBS checked before employment commences at St. Mary's pre-school. All  students are DSB checked via their college and university. Volunteer/School students are not always DSB checked as they may only be in the setting for one hour/one session/one day a week.


No individual except employed members of staff are alone or help children with any personal needs during their times in the setting. 


All of the staff hold paediatric first aid training certificates which are updated every 3 years at all times. Most off the staff are trained in I can Early Boost Language program and Hennen language programme. All staff have at least a level one Makaton training and all staff members have received training from the Autism Education Trust.   


All staff regularly update their training and refresh their knowledge in early years education and care. All staff update their First Aid tri annually, Child Protection and Neglect and Prevent annually and Food hygine every two years.

All staff are trained to at least child protection level two, with three staff members attending inter and advanced child protection training every two years. The designated Child Care protection officer is Rachel Moore, with both Sarah and Hollie trained as deputies.  

Rachel and Sarah are Special Educational Needs Coordinator trained. 


Owner: Rachel Moore
Qualification: Degree in Early Years Education. 


Rachel has worked in early year’s education and childcare since 2000 working in pre-schools and as a child-minder. Rachel started to work at St. Mary’s Church pre-school in 2004 as the deputy and then as the manager. In 2009 Rachel became the owner. Rachel completed her BA Hons degree in Early Years  Education in 2012. Rachel completed DFE PDP training in 2021 and is involved in several networking groups in South Gloucestershire, moderator within EYFS, Depravation and inclusion, as well as mentoring other early year providers in the local authority. Rachel is the setting Special Education Needs Co-ordinator, EYPP Support, First Aider, Safeguarding level 3. Rachel is married with children. Rachel has completed Autism education Trust Competency Training, I can, Elkan language and Hennen language Training. Rachel completed the government's PDP training for PSE, CL and PD in 2022 and in 2023 Rachel  trained with the PSHE approach 'Jigsaw' and is starting the PSHE approach 'thrive' in September 2023.


Sarah Moseley,  Pre-School Room Leader/Early Years Educator

Qualification: NVQ Level 3 , Currently completing National Professional Qualification (NPQ) level 5 through University College London


Sarah has worked in Early years since 2008, working at St Mary's from 2008-2016, when she moved to Germany and worked in a Kindergarten, then returning to St Marys when she returned to England in  2019. Sarah is a trained SENCO and is currently completing NPQ level 5 in connection with University College of London, Sarah is married with two children. Sarah attends Inclusion and Deprivation Networks. Sarah is trained in I can, Hennen and Autism Competency trained . Sarah has also recently trained by Coram Life 'SCARF' PSE approach


Early Years 2 year room Lead Educator : Hollie Edwards

Qualification: Level 3 Trained


Hollie initially attended  the preschool during her work experience and then started her apprenticeship at the preschool  Hollie left for one year to work in a hospital and returned as the 2 year room leader in February 2019. Hollie attends 2 year network, Depravation networks and Leadership and management networks. Hollie is level 3 child protection trained and is the settings deputy officer. Hollie is trained in I can, Hennen and the Autism education Trust competency trained. Hollie recently completed PDP training for CL, PSE and Maths development in 2023


Early Years Educator: Flo Welsford

Qualification Level 3 Trained


Flo has worked in the Early Years Education and Care sector for many years, working in a Nursery and then as a Child Minder.  Flo has three children and started in the setting by covering staff in the setting during the academic year 2021/2022, becoming a full time member of staff in 2022. Flo is first Aid trained, child protection trained and has experience of working with children with additional needs and language needs.  Flo has exceptional references from families she has worked with and supported and has already proved a great asset to our team. Flo works in the two year room with Hollie.  Flo has recently started PDP training in CL, PSE, Mathematics and physical skills.  


 Early Years Educator Qualification : Sophie Kemper

Qualification: NCFE level 3 Diploma in specialised support teaching and learning.  Level 4 Diploma in health social care and apprentice Early Years level 3  

Sophie has worked in social care and education since 2010. Sophie has worked predominantly with children and adults with additional health and learning needs. Sophie is level 3 makaton trained, Elkan language trained and level 3 child abuse and neglect trained. Sophie is currently completing her NVQ level 3 in Early Years Education.  Sophie has also recently trained by Coram Life 'SCARF' initiative. Sophie is also paediatric first aid trained.  Sophie is due to finish her Early Years level 3 in June 2024. Sophie is married with two children

Early Years Educator: Amy Dury
Qualification: Level 3 Trained


Amy works in the preschool room. She has many years experience in early years and joined us in January 2016.  Amy has worked in the two year room and is now in the preschool room. Amy is married with two children. Amy is trained in I can and Hennen language program and the Autism education trust.  Amy has recently completed training by Coram Life 'Scarf' PSE initative. 


Early Years Educator: Shyanne Fish 
Qualification: NVQ Level 3 in Early Years Child Care and Education
Shyanne joined the team in 2024, she has worked in four other Early Years settings including nurseries and preschools.
Shyanne is paediatric first aid trained, child protection trained and is interested in furthering her current knowledge 
Shyanne has two children of her own  


Early Years Educator: Kiana Linegar  Qualification : NVQ level 3 Apprenticeship in Early Years Child Care and Education
Kiana attended St. Mary's Pre-School as a Pre-Schooler and then as a student on placement during her A levels and started her apprenticeship in December 2022 with us, Kiana is due to complete her apprenticeship in July 2024.
Kiana has completed an introduction to makaton and autism awareness training , she is paediatric first aid trained and has completed training in Coram Education PSE 'Scarf ' training. Kiana has worked as a play support worker with children with disabilities . 


Sarah T.JPG

Sarah Thompson:

Sarah joined the team in November 2023, Sarah has a PHD in music and has worked in a variety of industries, she is married with two children and has a passion for working with children and improving the quality and care of children's experience within their early years.

Sarah has trained in Safeguarding, channel, paediatric first aid, selective mutism and autism education. Sarah started her level 3 apprenticeship in Early Years Education and Care in January 2024  

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