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2 Year Old Room

Our setting also provides a designated room for 2-3 year olds. This room takes a maximum of 8 children with 2 fully qualified members of staff. The children explore age appropriate activities and develop confidence and familiarity at their own pace. The children share the outdoor play area with the pre-school aged children which supports them in the transition to the larger room when they are ready. Children can start as soon as they turn 2 and can stay with us until they go to school.

The children in the two year room usually move into the preschool room during the term they turn three, or at the end of the term that they turn three, however this is dependent on each individual child. Some children may stay in the two year room for longer and some may move into the preschool room earlier.

The two year old room children mix with the preschool room daily, they play together outside and visit the preschool room to play for a while regularly. 

During the term in which a child turns three, they will visit the preschool room for longer period's of time preparing them for the  transition into the preschool room. 


Children  who are in receipt of the two year grant are welcome, please enquire within for availability.  

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